Gears 3D Printer

Gears 3D Printer 1.2

Generate 3D STL files of gears for real printing

Generate 3D STL files of gears for real printing

Gears 3D Printer is a small, free App that generates 3D models in STL format of spur and helical gears. The output STL file can be used with slicer software to print real plastic gears with a 3D printer or be imported with CAD or simulation software.

Simple and easy to use. No need for extra work, simply give the STL files to your slicer or simulation software and your gear is done ! This is the software you need to print gears.

Gears 3D Printer


Gears 3D Printer 1.2

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  • Brad Coleman

    by Brad Coleman

    "Awesome- keyway though?"

    Awesome program- any way to include a keyway? Really enjoyed the simplicity and final product (3d print)- but i need a k... More.

    reviewed on March 23, 2017

  • Puntoflex

    by Puntoflex

    "Small, Quick, Easy!"

    This little program is an awesome start at getting gears designed. Quite versatile and quick -- I just generate the gea... More.

    reviewed on May 17, 2016